COVID Testing

Covid testing


UPDATE 1-12-2022

The purpose of School District 129's Test to Stay Protocol is to safely keep students in school, sports, and activities after being identified as a close contact to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. Please keep in mind that Test to Stay will only be available when exposure occurs during an activity that takes place at a school building AND is run by district staff or is under district control. 

Should a COVID-19 exposure occur during an activity where Test to Stay is not offered, students who are directed to quarantine/isolate by the health department will have access to a quarantine teacher. The role of the quarantine teacher is to coordinate with the classroom teacher(s) to ensure that students are prepared for a return to their regular schedule.

Below is specific examples of activities that qualify for Test to Stay:

Test to Stay Available

  • Classroom, lunchroom, & bus exposures
  • District athletic teams
  • District clubs
  • After school athletic programs
  • The MyTime after school program
  • The YMCA after school program


Test to Stay Not Offered

  • Club sports (even if practicing at district building)
  • Outside daycare provider INCLUDING program at the Vaughan Center
  • Scout meetings, Young Rembrandts and other non-district run events that use our buildings
  • Church or outside organization meetings

Should you wish for your child to participate in School District 129’s Test to Stay Protocol, please acknowledge that you give “consent” by completing the form linked below.

**This protocol is subject to change based upon the state's directive.**  

Parent Consent Form for Test to Stay