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Nancy Louise Hill (1868-1928) was born July 27, 1868, in Yorkville, Illinois. She was the daughter of Thomas P. and Emma Haigh Hill. Miss Hill was the youngest of six children. Her siblings were William Hill, Emma Hill, Frederick Hill, Mary Hill Hobbs and Arthur Hill.

After teaching in the grade school at Yorkville, she went to Winona, Minnesota, where she graduated from Winona Normal. She then returned to teach in the Yorkville grade school and later attended Knox College from which she was graduated. Later she returned to take the position as principal of the Yorkville High School.

In 1902, Hill began her teaching career in Aurora at Oak Street School (later named the Mary A. Todd School). She was a teacher at the school for seven years and then served as its principal for nineteen years. When the Mary A. Todd School was destroyed by fire in 1927, some of the pupils took up quarters in the high school. She was principal of this group at the time of her death.

Hill died of a heart attack on May 26, 1928 at her home on Downer Place. She was sixty years old.

Two weeks before her death, the board of education announced that Hill would be principal of the new J.H. Freeman School in the Evanslawn Addition. She was described as a fine teacher and "a wonderful character builder." Nancy Hill was one of the best known school teachers in the State of Illinois. During her many years as teacher in the West Side Schools, she taught thousands of pupils. She was highly respected by pupils and parents. She brought out the best in the boys and girls and took a deep interest in their college work after they graduated from high school.

She was once considered for the position of superintendent of the West Side Schools. This honor was made in recognition of her “fine capacities and disposition.” However, she did not seek or wish to have the position. During the summers, Miss Hill continued her education at the University of Wisconsin, Columbia University and Oberlin College. She was also much interested in music. She was survived by two brothers, Fred Hill of Sycamore, and Arthur Hill of Yorkville. The funeral was held at the First Baptist Church in Aurora. She was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Yorkville. West Side Schools were closed on the day of the funeral. Pallbearers included West Aurora Superintendent James Smith, West Aurora High School Principal A. A. Rea and West High coach Ralph Fletcher.

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